La Diva Commission Plan – Be A Business Diva!


La Diva Beauty, LLC (La Diva) offers exceptional skin therapy solutions targeting many different demographics.  While La Diva products will be marketed in a variety of ways, we are pleased to offer our Independent Promoter (Promoter) Program for eligible participants (See Policies & Procedures for eligibility requirements).

Under the Promoter Program, participants can earn attractive commissions on eligible net sales (sales after all discounts, allowances and returns).  Promoters are encouraged to promote La Diva products via social media (1).

Here is how the Commission Plan works:

  • Promoters can select or are given unique coupon codes for La Diva products
    • Coupon codes can be attached to product samples that are handed out to prospective customers (2)
    • Coupon codes can be shared via social media with prospective customers
  • Redemptions of coupon codes are tracked by the company and the respective net sales from those redemptions become commissionable sales assigned to your business(3)
  • Any future purchases made by our referred customer, even if they do not use the discount code on future purchases, also is included in your commissionable sales
  • You receive a 15% commission percentage applied to your commissionable volume!
  • It’s that simple!
  • All commissions are paid via PayPal bi-monthly when your payout exceeds $25


  1. Social media activities must comply with the La Diva Internet Advertising and Social Media Policies & Procedures
  2. Promoters may request certain coupon codes, La Diva will have the final say in assigning coupon codes.
  3. Applies to new customers only, specifically those that have not already purchased from another La Diva Promoter